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Get involved

The Jesus Fellowship is an active church; there’s a lot goes on throughout the week. The Jesus Fellowship’s meetings and events range from small groups to large celebrations. You’re welcome to come along and get involved as much or as little as you want.

Smaller meetings (cell groups and house groups) usually focus on friendship and fellowship, worship, exploring the Bible and helping friends find Christian faith. Congregational meetings involve charismatic worship and Bible teaching. National Jesus Fellowship events are very lively and energetic and often involve: worship in every style from heavy metal to old hymns; multi-media presentation of the Christian message using music, lights, drama and video; a response time in which people can receive prayer and help.

During the week:

  • Wednesday cell groups

    Cell groups take place in many times and places, but most are on Wednesday nights in people’s homes. They typically involve five or six people and usually focus on friendship, worship, exploring the bible and helping each other find Christian faith. Maybe you could have a cell group in your house? Contact us if you’re interested.

  • Thursday friendship meals

    Thursday night is friendship night for New Creation Christian Community houses; they open their doors to many friends and share a meal and fellowship together. If you’d like to come to a friendship meal clicking here would be a good place to start.

  • Saturday house groups

    House groups usually take place on Saturday nights in people’s homes including, often, New Creation Christian Community houses. Like cell groups, they usually focus on fellowship, worship and exploring the bible and faith, but they will usually have more people coming along.


  • Mornings

    At 11.00am, Jesus Fellowship congregations meet in many towns and cities, for meetings which involve lively worship with participation from the congregation, sharing the bread and wine, and bible teaching.

  • Evenings

    At 6.30pm, Jesus Fellowship congregations meet in many towns and cities for a relaxed, friendly gospel-centred event, aimed at making friends and reaching out to new people. Do check specific event times and locations on our local congregation pages before turning up.

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