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Jesus Fellowship Newsletter


This newsletter is for anyone who wants to stay in touch with the ongoing work of the Jesus Fellowship. We usually send it out on a Friday. It typically includes:

  • A small ‘local area story’ from our work somewhere in the UK
  • New articles posted to our websites
  • Any new media we produce, such as free music, videos or photos
  • A ‘weekly word’

As a welcoming gift we’ll send you a free download of one of our most popular songs: Take Me to the Edge, plus five very popular Christian classic eBooks for free:

  • The Pursuit of God – A.W.Tozer
  • Morning and Evening – C.H.Spurgeon
  • Revival Lectures – C.G.Finney
  • The Practice of the Presence of God – Brother Lawrence
  • The Early Christians In Their Own Words – compiled by Eberhard Arnold

You’ll receive links to those free¬†eBooks in your welcome email when you sign up.

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