Jesus people, loving people

Generation J



Generation X they call them. The younger generation of today. Many of them have been hurt. They’re often anti-authority. They suss hypocrisy. They’re cynical about religion.

But they are searching for reality, ready to be convinced by what is genuine. Some ‘Generation Xers’ have changed to Generation J. It’s not so much about ‘religion’ but the love and power of the living Jesus! They experience God.

They discover that ‘church’ can mean joyful, genuine people, good music, real love and caring, a sense of family, healing and freedom.

Celebrate Generation J with us as you listen. Test it out for yourself if you haven’t already got into it. It’s the music of the Jesus Generation!


  • Lights in darkness (prelude, bonus with whole album only)
  • Wave after wave
  • We’re wild and we’re Christian (short version)
  • Spirit of light
  • We are fighters
  • I’m coming home
  • I’ve seen a flower
  • New generation
  • There’s a movement in this land
  • Hot people
  • Everyone’s welcome
  • Innocent blood
  • As you started on the way
  • Everywhere the walls
  • We are on the Lord’s side
  • We’re wild and we’re Christian (full version)

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Dimensions12 × 1 × 12 cm
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