Jesus people, loving people

I know you know



Songs in this album:

  • Big fat river
    Started feeling like there ought to be a lot more to life. Hear about God and it sounds good so you jump into His river.
  • Hey God
    The river wasn’t what you expected. There’s still so much bad stuff going on around you and in your head that you shout at God.
  • Nothing without love
    Realise that it’s not ‘looking good’ that makes the difference. You need love.
  • Paranoid?
    Can’t get away from the feeling that God is following you around, watching you all the time. Should you be paranoid?
  • Sunshine
    After running and getting nowhere, you finally see all the things you’ve put your hope in are really nothing. Let yourself fall into God again.
  • History
    You did it! History is being written now that you’ve met God and have started to run the race.
  • Red
    you see who started the race and everything He want through for you. Get angry when you see them kill Jesus but then realise that you do it all the time.
  • Ain’t it amazing
    All of what Jesus went through was for you, to get you out of the frustrated mess your head was in and bring you into something amazing.
  • The life I’m living
    You’ve got there but you couldn’t have done it on your own.
  • Prayer
    But now you’re back where you started, still wanting more and still going deeper.
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