Jesus people, loving people

Wild! (and we’re Christian)



These were the years of ‘gospel multimedia’ pioneering as music, light and drama became God’s avenues for reaching into a new generation of believers. We now talk of a nation crowded with unchurched ‘modern believers’. The Jesus Movement continues to gather momentum as people from all walks of life, from all ages and classes begin to rediscover their love for Jesus and for His cause. These songs will convey to you the ‘wildness’ of living a passionate life for Jesus today – and into the next Millennium.

Nineteen classic tracks

Playing time: 72min 55sec

Track listing

  • We’re wild and we’re Christian (short)
  • Everyone’s welcome to this celebration
  • You don’t really know me, I’m different inside
  • Looking for a cause to fight for
  • This is what I’ve found
  • Don’t look at me just on the outside
  • Feel the heartcry, emptiness
  • We are fighters, front-liners for Jesus
  • We’re wild and we’re Christian (full version)
  • Jesu’s blood… come, wash us clean
  • We travel lightly; baggage so small
  • Spirit of light, I come to You
  • So much I could have said
  • I need you, my family
  • Heal me, Jesus; so much pain
  • Only You… can meet me where I am
  • I’m coming home, I’m coming home
  • There’s a powerful love
  • Advance, church of Jesus
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