Previous Beneficiaries/ Previous Members

Following a vote of current Jesus Fellowship Community Trust (JFCT) members in December 2020, JFCT is now formally closing.

The closure is being properly pursued in phases of legal priorities, including supporting current beneficiaries in the sale of Trust owned properties and settling legal claims. The closure of the Trust is not a quick process and COVID is causing some delays.

Only after these phases of priority are finalised, will the Trust be reviewing discretionary payments, including to previous members (including return of capital, relief of need or inclusion in apportionment of the residual trust fund).

Please note JFCT is a discretionary trust and no previous actions of JFCT in making financial offers to previous members relate to current and future decisions. As such, it is likely that the current members of JFCT will vote on these discretionary policies at the appropriate time.

At this time, we would like your permission to log your request and contact details. We will then be able to provide an update to you on JFCT’s closure progress, including updated timescales for when your request is expected to be reviewed. Please see the closure timeline and register your interest on the form there.

If your request is associated with an experience of harm or abuse relating to the Jesus Fellowship, please visit Redress Scheme to find information on our upcoming Redress Scheme and to register interest.