Redress Scheme Update – August 2021

Published: 31st August 2021

This update is from the Trustees of the Jesus Fellowship Community Trust (‘JFCT’) in relation to the Redress Scheme being established by the JFCT.

The JFCT has progressed with the draft design of the redress scheme and the Trustees aim to share this with Trust members and survivor groups, as soon as possible.

The Trustees believe that members and survivor groups will benefit from a statement, providing further context and background to the scheme, ahead of the draft design being shared. Please see our previous update on this approach here.

This statement is being worked on currently by the Trustees. Whilst we expect this statement to be ready for publication in October 2021, this will be subject to concluding associated legal advice.

Alongside the publication of the statement, the Trustees aim to share information regarding the scheme design, including:

  • Redress Scheme eligibility
  • Areas of abuse and/or adverse experiences proposed to be covered by the scheme
  • Support for those applying to the scheme
  • An update on the timing of the scheme launch

The Trustees are legally required to act in the interest of JFCT members, including financially, and JFCT members’ views on any discretionary elements will be taken into account. The Trustees will be seeking those views once the draft redress scheme proposal has been outlined.

The Trustees are also still taking legal and financial advice on its costs and compensation, and there may be further changes to the communicated draft in light of it. We will, of course, keep you appraised of any developments in that regard.

The JFCT will still need to gain insurance approval for the scheme elements.

The JFCT continues to meet its obligations regarding members of the Trust, who formerly lived in or are currently transitioning from community houses.

Phases of closure can be viewed here:

We intend to give you another progress update on the Redress Scheme in October 2021.

Note to Editors:
Since December 2020, The Jesus Fellowship Community Trust has existed solely as a residuary body with one purpose – winding up the administrative affairs of the Jesus Fellowship Church. New trustees and a CEO were brought in to oversee this work, which includes implementing the redress scheme, supporting survivors and former members, and ultimately closing the Trust