Redress Scheme Update – July 2021

Published: 9th July 2021

This update is from the Trustees of the Jesus Fellowship Community Trust (‘JFCT’) in relation to the Redress Scheme being established by the JFCT.

Please note that we have now moved and updated the contents of to

As of July 2021, JFCT continues to pursue legal advice regarding the scheme design in relation to the community, its structure and who was responsible for aspects of community life.

Whilst this legal advice is progressing in a timely manner, gaining the advice is taking further time than anticipated. It is important that this advice is accurate and ensures a Redress Scheme that is ‘fit-for-purpose’. We currently do not anticipate that this will cause delay to our overall aim of launching the Redress Scheme in 2021.

Following gaining this advice, the next steps for the Trust will be to:

  • Integrate the appropriate elements into the draft design of the scheme.
  • Share the draft design of the scheme with survivor groups.
  • Decide on required votes from JFCT Members, as per the JFCT constitutions.
  • Gain insurance approval.

Whilst the Trustees are committed to the delivery of the Redress Scheme, the above points will take time to progress throughout 2021. Please note that the order of points is subject to change.

Meanwhile, the JFCT continues to sell its assets and to capitalise Redress Scheme funds.

The JFCT also continue to meet their obligations regarding members of the Trust, who formerly lived in or are currently transitioning from community houses.

Phases of closure can be viewed here:

We aim for the next update on the progress of the Redress Scheme to be made by September 2021.