Redress Scheme Update – November 2021

Published: 1st November 2021

This update is from the Trustees of the Jesus Fellowship Community Trust (‘JFCT’) in relation to the Redress Scheme being established by the JFCT.

As per our previous update in August 2021, the Trustees are due to release a statement, providing further context and background to the Redress Scheme, along with information on its proposed design. This statement remains under legal review and will be published in due course once that process is complete. We will also provide you with a further progress update at the same time.

Note to Editors:
Since December 2020, The Jesus Fellowship Community Trust has existed solely as a residuary body with one purpose – winding up the administrative affairs of the Jesus Fellowship Church. New trustees and a CEO were brought in to oversee this work, which includes implementing the redress scheme, supporting survivors and former members, and ultimately closing the Trust