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Just four questions: Hannah Britten

16th October 2014

Hannah Britten, 25, lives in a Christian community house on Briar Hill, a council estate on the outskirts of Northampton.

YOU’VE obviously got a vision for mission: how does living in community help this? I find it’s easier to build relationships with those living in the local area now I live in community. Ther[...]

‘Fusion’s’ Vision for a Generation

23rd May 2013
“I HAVE freakishly early memories. I remember lying in my cot and seeing my cat looking at me. I’ve found out since then that I must have been only six months old.” One of the first things I find out about Hannah Bowring is her vivid recollections from childhood. “Since then I’ve had a fear […]

God’s Surprise Plan for a Student

9th September 2012
JAKE, 22, gave up all ideas of going to university during his second year of college. At RAW (Real and Wild), a youth event run by the Jesus Fellowship, Jake had a powerful experience of God and decided to leave his future in God’s hands. “While my friends at college were crying over personal statements and running around to open days, I wasn’t fussed,” says Jake “I felt at […]

Brush With Death Sends Lil on a New Adventure

22nd May 2012

Saturday night. Drinks and drugs freely passed around. Lil Campbell, then 16, was at a house party in Northampton.

Lil took a walk to get away from the pounding music. Going into a room, she tripped over something on the floor. She looked down and, to her horror, saw her friend slumped there. She had slipped into an unconsci[...]

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