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Barnabas The Encourager: A Brief Biography

8th October 2018

Both Luke and Apostle Paul write of how Paul and Barnabas worked closely together on their church apostolic adventures. In any study, Paul usually steals the limelight. But what about Barnabas? What did he do? What can we learn from him?

Was Barnabas (Joseph) one of the original 120 on the Day of Pentecost? Or was it [...]

The Table, the train station and the lampstand

25th October 2017

Lars Kalvenes, Synnøve Jøssang and Victoria Wall are all members of The Table Community Church, a church planting team that moved to London from Norway two years ago. They talk to Amy Williams about church planting, community and coffee shops.

Did you know we serve porridge for breakfast, soup, salad and sandwiches for lunch[...]

Talking to: Nicky Gumbel

17th June 2016

Nicky Gumbel is an Anglican priest and author. Alongside his wife Pippa, he leads HTB church in London. We talked to him about the Alpha Course and church planting.

THE Alpha Course gives people a secure environment to ask their questions in. How do you go about making church accessible to people? What we’re trying to do is throw the invitation open to everyone, [...]

Talking to: Sam Ward

19th May 2016

Sam Ward is the national director for the Eden Network. He speaks to Aidan Ashby about community, mission and young people.

What is the name “Eden Network” trying to express? Are you really gardeners? The Eden Network comes initially from the very first project we planted in Wythenshawe, which was a [...]

Talking to Canon Andrew White

29th April 2016

Canon Andrew White until recently pastored St George’s Church in Baghdad – and is popularly known as ‘The Vicar of Baghdad’. Previously, he was Director of International Ministry at the International Centre for Reconciliation at Coventry Cathedral, England. At present Andrew White spends much time in Jordan, where he has set up a school for Iraqi refugee children. He answers some questions:


Rebuilding Broken Walls: Menno Simons

30th October 2015
SOME of God’s radicals operated in days when the Church was strong and advancing. Others lived in times of hardship, confusion and decline. Their (equally heroic) task was to lead the way to restoration: to ‘rebuild the walls’, like Nehemiah in his day. One such ‘rebuilder’ was Menno Simons. Born in rural Friesland, son of […]

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