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Cross Perspective #1, By a Pharisee… (A Religious Leader who opposed Jesus)

20th January 2008

So much for your proud boasting, Jesus! Where are your "Father's" legions of angels now then? Just a common criminal, that's what you are, stuck there between two of your sort for all to see.

Ha! The people preferred a mass murderer to you. Given the choice by Pilate, they’d rather have Barabbas set free than you, the so-called miracle worker and self-s[...]

Cross Perspective #2, By Jesus’ Mother

20th January 2008

It's a long and lonely road we've trod that's brought us here to this blood-soaked hill. A road of tears. A road of separation. A road of suffering. My son, I see your body on this cross - weak, defenceless, exposed, vulnerable - just like the baby I nursed so long ago, there in the muck and the hay.

You were mine, but not mine. DidnR[...]

Cross Perspective #3, By The Devil

20th January 2008

Finally I'm almost there. Just a few more minutes, that's all it will take, and then I've won. From the moment way back at the beginning when I wormed my way into human consciousness and sowed the seeds of doubt about God's intentions, I've worked and waited for this day. "Did God say?" I said.

That’s all it took to[...]

Cross Perspective #4, By the Centurion responsible for the Crucifixion…

20th January 2008

It started as just another day. Just another execution. Two common criminals, and then this rabble-rouser rabbi they called Jesus. We've done it so often now it's routine. We have to find new ways to add a bit of interest. So we took his clothing and made four piles, one for each one of us.

But th[...]

Cross Perspective #5, By God the Father…

20th January 2008

Hold on, my Son, hold on. It is almost finished. My final plan to reverse the Satan's plot and the disaster of human evil. They were made for relationship with me. I could never bear to leave them outside forever.

And you, the sinless Man, are the only one who can set this sinful human race free. You groan[...]

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