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The gospel isn’t… just about you

25th May 2018
Recently, from the 10th to the 20th May, Christians from all around the world joined in prayer in a movement called “Thy Kingdom Come”. This is one of the most beautiful things about the gospel – it is an invitation into a worldwide family of God. As a Christian, you’re part of a much bigger […]

The gospel is… for life

11th May 2018
You’ve probably heard that expression “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas”. It’s one of the most famous advertising slogans, first used in 1978 by the Dogs Trust, to try and tackle the number of unwanted dogs left after the festive season. It’s still used today, and many companies have also used the […]

Turning point of history

3rd January 2018
There was a man. A couple of millennia ago this Man walked around Palestine talking about His whole new world. All issues would be resolved under His reign, all questions answered, all tears wiped away. Poverty gone. War gone. Religious hatred gone. Ecological destruction gone. Death gone. This Man spoke about life as if He […]

Crosses removed in China

7th August 2015
IN the province of Zhejiang in eastern China, known as the “Jerusalem of the East” or “China’s Jerusalem”, the government have been removing crosses from churches. They have released a set of guidelines for how crosses are allowed to be displayed. Since 2013, it is estimated that around 1,200 crosses have been forcibly removed. According […]

Cross Perspective #1, By a Pharisee… (A Religious Leader who opposed Jesus)

20th January 2008

So much for your proud boasting, Jesus! Where are your "Father's" legions of angels now then? Just a common criminal, that's what you are, stuck there between two of your sort for all to see.

Ha! The people preferred a mass murderer to you. Given the choice by Pilate, they’d rather have Barabbas set free than you, the so-called miracle worker and self-s[...]

Cross Perspective #2, By Jesus’ Mother

20th January 2008

It's a long and lonely road we've trod that's brought us here to this blood-soaked hill. A road of tears. A road of separation. A road of suffering. My son, I see your body on this cross - weak, defenceless, exposed, vulnerable - just like the baby I nursed so long ago, there in the muck and the hay.

You were mine, but not mine. DidnR[...]

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