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The Table, the train station and the lampstand

25th October 2017

Lars Kalvenes, Synnøve Jøssang and Victoria Wall are all members of The Table Community Church, a church planting team that moved to London from Norway two years ago. They talk to Amy Williams about church planting, community and coffee shops.

Did you know we serve porridge for breakfast, soup, salad and sandwiches for lunch[...]

“Crazy Dow” The American Revivalist

19th May 2017

Trevor Saxby writes about Lorenzo Dow, an eccentric preacher

LORENZO Dow (1777-1834), from Connecticut, USA, took eccentricity to a new level. From childhood he felt sweeps of emotion beyond his peers, higher highs and deeper lows. At 21, he was accepted as a circuit preacher by the Methodists. Later he was an independent evangelist. He quickly[...]

Red Wednesday

24th November 2016
LAST night at 6:30pm the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and London Eye turned blood red. Other prominent buildings including many churches, synagogues, mosques and town halls were lit red too, all in support of #RedWednesday, an initiative of Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need. Red Wednesday highlights the impact of religious violence […]

Ann Cutler the “Praying Nanny”

9th September 2016
IN 1738, the English Wesley brothers, Charles and John, were converted. For fifty years, from field to barn, in open squares and private houses, John would preach, travelling miles on horseback in his endeavours to bring the gospel to the many thousands the church had never reached. For all his energy, no one man could […]

A Joyful Jesus Day in London

2nd September 2016
THE people of London might have been surprised on August 20 as a loud and colourful mass of Jesus people were marching through the streets. Our annual London Jesus Day included lots of worship and celebration, and many stood by to take a look and photograph. Some even joined the march, dancing with us to […]

Moravians: missional and traditional

5th August 2016
THE Moravians, or ‘Herrnhuters’ believed in God-given movement. They knew renewal in the Holy Spirit and showed astonishing missionary zeal, planting churches and residential community villages from Lapland to South Africa, years before William Carey, the ‘Father of Modern Missions’, set off for India. Their origins are well known. A motley crew were offered sanctuary and […]

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