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Just four questions: Joanna Hubbard

19th June 2015

Joanna Hubbard, 21, has just graduated from Oxford Brookes University and is preparing to do an internship with UCCF, an organisation aimed at helping students find Jesus.

How has Jesus changed your life? After trying to prove that I’m a good[...]

Just four questions: Hannah Britten

16th October 2014

Hannah Britten, 25, lives in a Christian community house on Briar Hill, a council estate on the outskirts of Northampton.

YOU’VE obviously got a vision for mission: how does living in community help this? I find it’s easier to build relationships with those living in the local area now I live in community. Ther[...]

Just Four Questions: Gideon Clark

20th December 2013

Gideon Clark is one of a small group of young people pioneering living together as a Christian community in a housing estate in Milton Keynes.

What are you thankful for Jesus doing in your life? I’m thankful that Jesus is patient. I think you should question most things in life – especially if you wan[...]

Just four questions: Joy Hubbard

10th December 2012

Joy Hubbard, 20, is studying Community Performing Arts at Liverpool Hope University. She answers just four questions.

I’VE HEARD some people refer to university as a three-year-long party; what do you do in between essays? You mean spare time? I don’t have any! But I guess I want to make sure[...]

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