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Talking to Neil O’Boyle

6th December 2016

Neil O'Boyle and Garryl Willis are both involved with directing youth work and were interviewed on their vision and thoughts about the church’s involvement with young people. Neil is the UK Director for Youth for Christ. Garryl Willis is the Managing Director of Action Centres UK and manager of NAYC (Northamptonshire Association of Youth Clubs).



6th May 2016
“I WAS miserable. I ‘had it all’ and I was miserable.”* These are the words of Australian 19-year old Essena O’Neill. She was one of many people made famous through Instagram, with half a million followers, brand sponsorships and a modelling deal. In November last year, she caused a stir when she quit the social […]

Project Semicolon

24th July 2015
Chances are, you either know someone who suffers with mental illness, or you suffer with it yourself. Maybe both. According to the Office for National Statistics, one in four adults in the UK are affected by mental health problems, particularly depression or anxiety (19% of people over the age of 16). It’s all around us, […]
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