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Charles de Foucauld: “Little Brother of Jesus”

13th May 2016
CHARLES de Foucauld came from a Christian family but became agnostic as a teenager, in his own words, “running wild… I was in the dark. I no longer saw either God or men: There was only me.” He served as an officer in the French Army in North Africa but lost his rank after an […]

Founding Desert Father: The Life of Anthony of Egypt

26th June 2015
ANTHONY of Egypt was a true pioneer, whose influence is still felt today. What makes him so remarkable is that he did what he did long before it ‘made sense’, but by doing it he blazed a trail for posterity. Evangelical Protestant historians explain the migration to the desert by thousands of monks, nuns and […]

Alonso Rodriguez: An ordinary hero

5th June 2013
Alonso Rodriguez [1532-1617] is a shining example of ‘blooming where you’re planted’. He didn’t found churches, win crowds to Jesus or conquer heresy. He was one of God’s ‘unknowns’, who won hidden victories: over failure, sickness, loss and heartbreak. Rodriguez was a wool merchant with a wife and three children, but by the time he […]

Talking to Penelope Wilcock

1st June 2012

Penelope Wilcock is the author of the much-loved series of Christian books, 'The Hawk and the Dove', which are set in a medieval monastery. Penelope has also written a number of other books, both fiction and non-fiction, on Christian living and spirituality. She talks to James Stacey.

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to talk to you, Penelope. Your b[...]

Talking To Pete Greig

1st May 2002

About J Generation movement

Pete Greig is on the leadership team of Revelation Church. Over the past few years he has planted two youth churches, become a dad, written a book called ‘Awakening Cry’ and accidentally kick-started ‘24-7 Prayer‘ – a worldwide, non-stop prayer movement. He is now 32 and married to Samie – he has two children. Through the experience of [...]

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