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The Table, the train station and the lampstand

25th October 2017

Lars Kalvenes, Synnøve Jøssang and Victoria Wall are all members of The Table Community Church, a church planting team that moved to London from Norway two years ago. They talk to Amy Williams about church planting, community and coffee shops.

Did you know we serve porridge for breakfast, soup, salad and sandwiches for lunch[...]

A festival of healing

4th August 2017

Stories of God meeting people in the midst of festival season.

DESPITE the rain, it’s (apparently) summer, and festival season is upon us. What would you expect to see at an average music festival? In between all the burger vans, portaloos and muddy puddles, you might also catch sight of a gazebo with a sign advertising “free prayer [...]

Worship on the streets

26th January 2017
DURING the last six months, a group of young people from around the UK have been gathering together to worship God on the streets and tell people about Jesus. It all started after the Jesus Fellowship’s main youth event, RAW, in August, 2016. Jack Brown from Northampton thought that it was amazing to see young people […]

Jesus in Foleshill

23rd October 2015
“I’VE never experienced so much joy and life in Foleshill,” said Nick Sweetland, describing the atmosphere in Foleshill during a recent joint churches mission to the area. Nick, who was bought up in neighbouring Bedworth, said: “I’ve walked through Foleshill many times and it has often seemed a sad and lonely place.” “I believe a […]

Never Too Young to be Radical: James Parnell’s Story

12th August 2015
COURAGEOUS faith isn’t just for special, brave people. Some of God’s heroes had to overcome serious limitations, even to get started. One example was James Parnell. He was a delicate lad, short for his age and sensitive. He loved Jesus and sensed there must be more than just going to the parish church. In 1653, […]

Just four questions: Joanna Hubbard

19th June 2015

Joanna Hubbard, 21, has just graduated from Oxford Brookes University and is preparing to do an internship with UCCF, an organisation aimed at helping students find Jesus.

How has Jesus changed your life? After trying to prove that I’m a good[...]

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