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Kingdom Treasures

22nd July 2016
Lawrence was born in Spain and, as a young Christian, shone so much in his devotion to Jesus that he was chosen by the future pope, Xystus, to be his disciple. When Xystus became Pope, he appointed Lawrence to serve as Archdeacon of the Roman church. In this position he had to look after the […]

Carriers of Hope

15th October 2015

‘Carriers of Hope’ is a Coventry-based charity dedicated to helping asylum seekers, refugees and Eastern European migrants. Julia Faire speaks to the founder, Sue Sampson.

“SOME years ago, I was working for Coventry City Council where I chaired a group working with asylum seekers and refugees.[...]

Glass Half Full

18th September 2015
“GOD, I want to make a difference. Show me how!” Mim, a second year student at Coventry University, wrote these words in her diary in Spring 2013 after listening to Lal Rodinga Colney (leader of Restoration India Mission in Orissa) speak with passion about an orphanage he had founded in India. “I felt I really […]

Riches and Rags in London

12th June 2015
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” wrote that famous Londoner and social reformer Charles Dickens. What would he say now about a social divide that has widened to grotesque proportions? About the super-rich living amongst the abject poor, and caring little about the incongruity of their elevated position? Of […]

Talking to: Matthew Bird

13th June 2014

Julia Faire asks Matthew Bird, The Cinnamon Network’s founder a few questions.

Hi Matt. You are obviously very busy so thanks so much for giving us your time. Please can you tell us why you are so passionate about helping set up church-run social action projects and what made you found Cinnamon Network? The reason I [...]

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