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Never Too Young to be Radical: James Parnell’s Story

12th August 2015
COURAGEOUS faith isn’t just for special, brave people. Some of God’s heroes had to overcome serious limitations, even to get started. One example was James Parnell. He was a delicate lad, short for his age and sensitive. He loved Jesus and sensed there must be more than just going to the parish church. In 1653, […]

Founding Desert Father: The Life of Anthony of Egypt

26th June 2015
ANTHONY of Egypt was a true pioneer, whose influence is still felt today. What makes him so remarkable is that he did what he did long before it ‘made sense’, but by doing it he blazed a trail for posterity. Evangelical Protestant historians explain the migration to the desert by thousands of monks, nuns and […]

Talking to Shane Claiborne

15th January 2012

James Stacey talks to Shane Claiborne, author of bestseller The Irresistible Revolution and a founder of The Simple Way, an intentional Christian community in inner-city Philadelphia, USA.

Thanks for giving us your time, Shane. You tell quite a bit of your own story in The Irresistible Revolution. Could you tell [...]

Talking To Krish Kandiah

21st January 2011

Jesus Fellowship leader, Tschaka Roussel, talks to Krish Kandiah, the Evangelical Alliance Executive Director of Churches in Mission.

Krish is a regular speaker at university missions, and has wide experience in evangelism and cross cultural mission. He is married to Miriam and has three primary aged children as well as two foster babies[...]

‘Be silent!’ shouted Andrew Murray

20th May 2007

It took a humbling experience for Andrew Murray to see how easily man can try to stop God's work of revival

Andrew Murray’s family had emigrated from Scotland to South Africa, where his father was to pastor a church. It was a godly family where prayer was normal and hymns were sung around the house. Most of all, Andrew’s f[...]

Talking To Pete Greig

1st May 2002

About J Generation movement

Pete Greig is on the leadership team of Revelation Church. Over the past few years he has planted two youth churches, become a dad, written a book called ‘Awakening Cry’ and accidentally kick-started ‘24-7 Prayer‘ – a worldwide, non-stop prayer movement. He is now 32 and married to Samie – he has two children. Through the experience of [...]

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