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4th May 2018

Julia Faire reflects on working with refugees after Archbishop Justin Welby visits Coventry

“This country is a better place because you are here,” Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, commented as he spoke to a group of refugees and asylum seekers earlier this week in Coventry. “You are all so precious, so [...]

Getting away from it all

8th September 2017

Last week a small team from Coventry went with 12 asylum seekers and refugees to the Quantock Hills in Somerset – to explore both the beautiful countryside and some of the life-changing promises found in the Bible. Julia Faire writes about their experience.

IT’S 10:30am on Thursday and we bundle our bags into the back of a van – clothes for the un[...]

Safe Haven

21st October 2016
I WOKE up early this morning, a beautiful autumn day, golden sunshine lighting the tranquil coastal marshes where I am staying, wondering just what the night had brought for Aleppo. Listening to the radio yesterday, I heard one resident of Aleppo describe the horror of the nights countered by the only lovely thing in the […]

Refugees Marching Under a Different Flag

26th August 2016
FOR the first time ever, refugees have had their own team in the Olympic summer games. The Refugee Olympic Team (ROT) consisted of ten athletes who have been affected by international crisis. Rather than competing for their country of origin or residence, they compete under the Olympic Flag. At the opening ceremony in Rio, the […]

Life in a Refugee Camp

24th June 2016
LEBANON, with a population of just 4.5 million people, is a temporary home to one million Syrian refugees, over half of which are children. Around 70% at present are not in school. Global Care is a Christian children’s charity based in Coventry, UK, and has projects in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Central America. In […]
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