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From Darkness to Light

3rd March 2017

Swedish speaker and author Désirée Kjellin used to be a witch involved with occultism, but a powerful encounter with Jesus transformed her completely.

“IT’S great that yoga suits you”, the psychologist told Désirée. “I think meditation would be the perfect next step.” He recommended these practices with good intentions, wanting to promote Désirée’s menta[...]

Jesus in Foleshill

23rd October 2015
“I’VE never experienced so much joy and life in Foleshill,” said Nick Sweetland, describing the atmosphere in Foleshill during a recent joint churches mission to the area. Nick, who was bought up in neighbouring Bedworth, said: “I’ve walked through Foleshill many times and it has often seemed a sad and lonely place.” “I believe a […]

Talking To Krish Kandiah

21st January 2011

Jesus Fellowship leader, Tschaka Roussel, talks to Krish Kandiah, the Evangelical Alliance Executive Director of Churches in Mission.

Krish is a regular speaker at university missions, and has wide experience in evangelism and cross cultural mission. He is married to Miriam and has three primary aged children as well as two foster babies[...]

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