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Talking to Andrzej of Healing Rivers

21st March 2019

Andrzej leads a small intentional missional community in Hillsborough, Sheffield, called Healing Rivers. Aidan asked him a few questions about what led them to move there and how God’s leading them in simple missional community.

Hi Andrzej. Firstly, who are you and what are you doing? We are a small intentional mis[...]

“Crazy Dow” The American Revivalist

19th May 2017

Trevor Saxby writes about Lorenzo Dow, an eccentric preacher

LORENZO Dow (1777-1834), from Connecticut, USA, took eccentricity to a new level. From childhood he felt sweeps of emotion beyond his peers, higher highs and deeper lows. At 21, he was accepted as a circuit preacher by the Methodists. Later he was an independent evangelist. He quickly[...]

‘Be silent!’ shouted Andrew Murray

20th May 2007

It took a humbling experience for Andrew Murray to see how easily man can try to stop God's work of revival

Andrew Murray’s family had emigrated from Scotland to South Africa, where his father was to pastor a church. It was a godly family where prayer was normal and hymns were sung around the house. Most of all, Andrew’s f[...]

Daniel Nash – God’s Secret Weapon

4th April 2002

The importance in revival of the often hidden intercessors is seen in the ministry of Daniel Nash. He prayer-shadowed the great evangelist, Charles Finney, for seven years.

I have known people who prayed till they were soaked in sweat on a cold winter’s day. I have known people who have prayed for hours until they[...]

Talking To Ed Silvoso

1st January 1998

About revival and evangelism in Argentina

Ed Silvoso is Director of Harvest Evangelism. He worked for several years in crusade outreaches with his brother-in-law, evangelist Luis Palau, before founding Harvest Evangelism to assist the church in Argentina in reaching the entire nation for Christ. Ed is the author of “That none should perish”. In this interview he talks [...]

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