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The gospel isn’t… about being a ‘good person’

16th March 2018

A new series on what the gospel isn't, and what it is.

A popular US TV show that premiered on UK Netflix last year is called “The Good Place”. It tells the story of Eleanor Shellstrop, who has died and arrived in an ambiguous ‘afterlife’ called ‘The Good Place’. Michael, referred to simply as the ‘architect’, explains that each of the majo[...]

The heart of the human problem

12th December 2017
What troubles you? Climate change, corruption, global poverty? Racism, warlords, extremist movements? Problems and threats fill the news. But it’s not all bad. Charities, aid workers and activists grapple with the ills of our age, enlisting our help by every possible means. We can choose to turn a blind eye and deaf ears to our […]

Talking to: Roger Forster

29th January 2016

Roger Forster, is co-founder and co-leader of the London-based Ichthus Christian Fellowship with his wife, Faith Forster. Approximately 130 other churches and movements in the UK and Europe are linked with Ichthus Christian Fellowship. Roger Forster answered some questions in an interview with Paul Veitch from the Jesus Fellowship.

Should Christia[...]

Buy Nothing Friday

27th November 2015
TODAY is ‘Black Friday’ – a relatively new addition to the UK consumer culture brought over by American companies a few years ago. It falls on the day after Thanksgiving, when people rush out to the shops to buy Christmas presents and catch the deals. Black Friday seems like such a sinister name, and for […]

Talking To Krish Kandiah

21st January 2011

Jesus Fellowship leader, Tschaka Roussel, talks to Krish Kandiah, the Evangelical Alliance Executive Director of Churches in Mission.

Krish is a regular speaker at university missions, and has wide experience in evangelism and cross cultural mission. He is married to Miriam and has three primary aged children as well as two foster babies[...]

Sex workers: off the hook!

21st May 2010

We look at the harsh life faced by female sex workers and ask "What's the way out?"

SALLY EVANS grew up in the red light area in Northampton, Spring Boroughs and was 17 when she first “did a client” of her own. “I was abused as a child and started gas sniffing – things got progressively [...]

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