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Never Too Young to be Radical: James Parnell’s Story

12th August 2015
COURAGEOUS faith isn’t just for special, brave people. Some of God’s heroes had to overcome serious limitations, even to get started. One example was James Parnell. He was a delicate lad, short for his age and sensitive. He loved Jesus and sensed there must be more than just going to the parish church. In 1653, […]

Youth camps are “the future”

18th September 2014
“IN THE ‘boiler room’ (our prayer room) young guys were realising their need of God. Some were calling out to Jesus for the first time. In all, about ten young guys came to faith in Jesus and five were filled with the Holy Spirit. One guy just lay on the floor, unable to stand up […]

Just Four Questions: Gideon Clark

20th December 2013

Gideon Clark is one of a small group of young people pioneering living together as a Christian community in a housing estate in Milton Keynes.

What are you thankful for Jesus doing in your life? I’m thankful that Jesus is patient. I think you should question most things in life – especially if you wan[...]

Youth Camps

11th October 2013
“MY LIFE has completely changed,” says Tristan Checkley. “It’s been amazing seeing the change in myself,” adds Joshua Hubbard. These comments are from the Facebook page of a group of young guys who went on a youth camp this year. Simeon White, 23, main organiser of the boys camp, explained: “The aim of the camps […]

Brush With Death Sends Lil on a New Adventure

22nd May 2012

Saturday night. Drinks and drugs freely passed around. Lil Campbell, then 16, was at a house party in Northampton.

Lil took a walk to get away from the pounding music. Going into a room, she tripped over something on the floor. She looked down and, to her horror, saw her friend slumped there. She had slipped into an unconsci[...]

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