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Barnabas The Encourager: A Brief Biography

8th October 2018

Both Luke and Apostle Paul write of how Paul and Barnabas worked closely together on their church apostolic adventures. In any study, Paul usually steals the limelight. But what about Barnabas? What did he do? What can we learn from him?

Was Barnabas (Joseph) one of the original 120 on the Day of Pentecost? Or was it [...]

Red Wednesday

24th November 2016
LAST night at 6:30pm the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and London Eye turned blood red. Other prominent buildings including many churches, synagogues, mosques and town halls were lit red too, all in support of #RedWednesday, an initiative of Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need. Red Wednesday highlights the impact of religious violence […]

Rebuilding Broken Walls: Menno Simons

30th October 2015
SOME of God’s radicals operated in days when the Church was strong and advancing. Others lived in times of hardship, confusion and decline. Their (equally heroic) task was to lead the way to restoration: to ‘rebuild the walls’, like Nehemiah in his day. One such ‘rebuilder’ was Menno Simons. Born in rural Friesland, son of […]

Carriers of Hope

15th October 2015

‘Carriers of Hope’ is a Coventry-based charity dedicated to helping asylum seekers, refugees and Eastern European migrants. Julia Faire speaks to the founder, Sue Sampson.

“SOME years ago, I was working for Coventry City Council where I chaired a group working with asylum seekers and refugees.[...]

Glass Half Full

18th September 2015
“GOD, I want to make a difference. Show me how!” Mim, a second year student at Coventry University, wrote these words in her diary in Spring 2013 after listening to Lal Rodinga Colney (leader of Restoration India Mission in Orissa) speak with passion about an orphanage he had founded in India. “I felt I really […]

Project Semicolon

24th July 2015
Chances are, you either know someone who suffers with mental illness, or you suffer with it yourself. Maybe both. According to the Office for National Statistics, one in four adults in the UK are affected by mental health problems, particularly depression or anxiety (19% of people over the age of 16). It’s all around us, […]
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