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Treasure Finders

8th June 2018
“Through Christian kids’ work God is meeting a new generation across the UK today. I believe it’s good to get on board with what God is doing in children and youth ministry.” – Mim James, Jesus Fellowship Kids’ Church co-ordinator. Dancing, singing, messy activities all based around the theme of “Treasure Finders! Stories Jesus told” […]

Generation Snowflake?

2nd March 2018

A quick look at the upcoming generation, sometimes referred to in the press as 'Generation Z'.

You must have heard the phrase “Generation Snowflake”. The word ‘snowflake’ has become an insult; implying someone who thinks they’re special and easily takes offence. Newspaper headlines and commentators have been referring to millennials (and post-millennials) as ‘Generation Snowflake’. They use ‘millennials’[...]

Talking to Neil O’Boyle

6th December 2016

Neil O'Boyle and Garryl Willis are both involved with directing youth work and were interviewed on their vision and thoughts about the church’s involvement with young people. Neil is the UK Director for Youth for Christ. Garryl Willis is the Managing Director of Action Centres UK and manager of NAYC (Northamptonshire Association of Youth Clubs).


Just four questions: Joy Hubbard

10th December 2012

Joy Hubbard, 20, is studying Community Performing Arts at Liverpool Hope University. She answers just four questions.

I’VE HEARD some people refer to university as a three-year-long party; what do you do in between essays? You mean spare time? I don’t have any! But I guess I want to make sure[...]

Talking to Shane Claiborne

15th January 2012

James Stacey talks to Shane Claiborne, author of bestseller The Irresistible Revolution and a founder of The Simple Way, an intentional Christian community in inner-city Philadelphia, USA.

Thanks for giving us your time, Shane. You tell quite a bit of your own story in The Irresistible Revolution. Could you tell [...]

Talking To Mike Pilavachi

15th February 2005

About Celibacy, 'Soul Survivor' and the charismatic movement

Mike Pilavachi is founder and leader of ‘Soul Survivor’, an organisation seeking to disciple, equip and empower young people to make a difference in their generation. He is also an author, international speaker and pastor of Soul Survivor Watford, a congregation aiming to reach out to t[...]

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