Phases of the Closure of Jesus Fellowship Community Trust

The closure of the Jesus Fellowship Community Trust has been divided into four phases, based on legal priority. The phases are:

Phase 1: Initial Distributions
Phase 2: Redress & Claims
Phase 3: Historic
Phase 4: Apportionment

See below for more informtion on each of the 4 phases and the timeline.

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Phase 1: Initial distributions

In the first phase, the Trust is making distributions available for Beneficiaries, enabling them to transition to new living and ongoing arrangements.

Start: January 2021
Finish: 12-18 months

Phase 2: Redress & Claims
In Phase 2, the Trust will open a Redress Scheme to provide meaningful recognition for people who suffered harm in the past. The Trust will also continue to discharge its legal duty to deal with other claims and liabilities. For updates please see Closure and Redress Statements.

Start date: 2021
Estimated Finish:
24 months

down Discretionary Aspects of Closure, Subject to Trust Member Voting

Phase 3: Historic

Phase 3 will consider discretionary policies for previous and current members of JFCT, including items such as pension & national insurance contributions, under-21 contributions and capital of previous members.

Estimated start: January 2023
Estimated finish: June 2023

Phase 4: Apportionment
In Phase 4 the JFCT Trustees and Beneficiaries will consider the basis of the final apportionment of any remaining residual assets of the Trust.

Estimated start: July 2023
Estimated finish: December 2023

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Register your interest in Phases 2, 3 and/or 4 of Closure