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You Alone Lyric Video

Lyrics 1. You alone are more than enough And in your presence I can find completeness You alone are strong in this world And I will put my trust in only you God You satiate me with Your presence God And in that place there’s everlasting Joy And I will sing You are all I […]

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Lion of Judah Remix Lyric Video

An EDM remix of Lion of Judah (Leul din Iuda). More videos from Sunny Tranca. Sunny Tranca on Facebook. Lyrics: Tell me who has defeated the darkness? Who has defeated the grave? Who is the Lion of Judah? The strength and the shield of our faith? Tell me who has defeated our fears? Who washed […]

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I Surrender My Need Lyric Video

Lyrics: 1. I surrender my need to be seen to be strong, I’ll admit to my friend when Your glory has gone; For You desire truth in the innermost part; I surrender to Jesus to fill up my heart. 2. I surrender my need to be top of the charts, To be loved above others […]

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Dancing Shoes

Lyrics: Put on your dancing shoes The time for joy has come The days of pain are gone They’re far behind you See all around is love The oneness through His blood There’s music in our hearts For You are good For You are true For You are pure and holy Strong and mighty Prince […]

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Flowers Fade Lyric Video | Jesus Fellowship Songs

        Lyrics: 1. Flowers fade but Your word remains We’re growing older but you stay the same. Time’s rushing by, like the blinking of an eye Want to give up my life for others God. We’ve only got one life to live And there’s an endless stream of love to give 2. […]

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Thank You | Jesus Fellowship Songs

Thank you is a simple music video to an honest song about gratitude. Filmed at The Deco theatre in Northampton. If you’d like to play this track yourself you can download Thank You chords, Thank You score (sheet music) or the Thank You midi track. Behind the scenes – how the video was made. We’ve compiled a list of the […]

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