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Special short

The Collaboration | I Believe by Lothar Zenetti

Ten film-makers got together and turned the poem ‘I Believe’ by Lothar Zenetti into a visual story about the wonder of God.

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Heaven on Earth | Christian Community as God’s Plan

God’s heart is to bring heaven to earth. He does this through us, through community. For more information please visit¬†

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New Creation Farm – The View From Above

In picturesque Northamptonshire countryside people from all over the country come. This is ‘New Creation Farm’, where there are orchards, forests, cattle farming, and other businesses as well as a¬†Christian community house. Once a year everyone gathers for “The Big Pick” – up to 300 people from all walks of life help out by picking […]

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Life On The Rocks

A short film about despair, hope, & redemption. *Warning* – this film contains scenes of emotional distress which some may find upsetting. If something’s troubling you, get in touch with Samaritans. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You don’t have to be suicidal. Phone 08457 90 90 90

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Discipling and Investing in People

Mick Haines from the Jesus Fellowship speaks on what it means to disciple and investing in those around you

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Christian Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is simply hunting for treasure. In this case the treasure is people, and the clues, given by God. This is one group that went to Leicester to ask God for some clues as to who He wanted them to bless on the streets. Then they set off on an adventure to find the […]

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