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The Journey | Live Music and Stories Event

Recently we took over one of our church houses, set up a band and invited some friends over for a live event.

Over the course of the evening we celebrated God’s faithfulness to us by telling stories and singing songs written throughout our history that together express something of the story of our journey.

Throughout the evening different people came forward to introduce the songs with personal stories. These were either stories of how they wrote the songs or stories that echoed the songs in their lives. Together these personal stories weaved a picture of our story, our journey.


Ralph’s story: 1:02
Sarah’s story: 5:34
Many Waters: 6:44
Shaun’s story: 10:07
Jesus has heard my feeble cry: 14:30
Stella’s story: 17:44
Zion you are my joy: 21:08
Carol’s story: 26:16
My heart is held and planted: 30:35
Nicci’s story: 35:41
I was lost, Jesus found me: 38:35
Simon’s story: 43:24
One touch of God: 49:32
Barney’s story: 53:32
This is my home: 56:36
Pete’s story: 1:00:12
A new revolution: 1:03:13
Rob’s story: 1:08:47
Come and see: 1:14:27
Jane’s story: 1:18:07
You walked among the people: 1:20:14
Nathan’s story: 1:24:02
You’re wonderful: 1:28:12
Stevo’s story: 1:34:36
A song of worship: 1:36:53
Jake’s story: 1:47:02
Take me to the edge: 1:50:57

All songs © Jesus Fellowship Songs

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