Redress Scheme

The Trustees of the JFCT recognise that there were faults and failures in the Jesus Fellowship Church that had a profound impact on many people. The Trustees are deeply sorry for abuse that has taken place within the Church. They offer an unreserved apology to every person affected.

The JF Redress Scheme is being established by the Trustees of JFCT to provide resources to help those who suffered harm, abuse or adverse experiences connected with Jesus Fellowship Church.

A Redress Reference Group was set up to lead the development of the JF Redress Scheme. This group consisted of Trustees, current and past members, victims, survivors, and their representatives, as well as independent professionals. The Scheme is now being developed by Solicitors.

While harm, abuse and adverse experiences cannot be undone, the Trustees hope that the Scheme can be of some help to those who engage with it.

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